Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Prague | Prague TV

A new look for Vítězné náměstí in Prague 6 will feature a tall obelisk in the center, and tram traffic will be moved from the center to the edge. The square, which is actually a large circular space, will be covered with trees and have drinking and decorative fountains, market stalls and benches to make it more usable for pedestrians.

Politics | Prague Daily Monitor

Leaders of the opposition announced to reporters on Tuesday, that the opposition would unanimously vote against the government in Friday's vote of no confidence. Leaders of the Pirates, TOP 09, STAN and ODS called on President Milos Zeman not to reinstall Prime Minister Andrej Babis, should he fail in Friday's vote.

National | Radio Prague

The impact of global climate change in the Czech Republic can be felt more strongly than ever before, suggests a newly-released government report on the state of the Czech environment for the year 2017. One of the most pressing issues highlighted by the report is the alarming state of Czech forests.

National | Prague TV

Winter is coming. The Salvation Army has set up facilities to help people without shelter in the cold weather. Across the Czech Republic, they will offer 2,000 beds in dormitories and shelters, with 350 in Prague. Other organizations in Prague provide more than 1,200 beds.

Politics | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

The leadership of the Communist party (KSCM) agreed to extend support to embattled Prime Minister Andrej Babis and the minority government over the Stork's Nest matter on Tuesday night.

Politics | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Hospodarske Noviny suggests that the Senate, which finished its term last month, was politically, the weakest Senate the country has seen since its inception. Analysing the Senate's involvement in the law-making process, HN suggests that, only in 9 instances in the previous two years, was the Senate able to push through its version of a law.

National | Business | Radio Prague

The European Green Belt is a stretch of wilderness running along the former Iron Curtain, which once divided the continent. It has evolved along the border for more than four decades and today is the longest and largest ecological network of its kind not only in Europe, but in the whole world. The European Green Belt is also an ecological initiative that joins 24 states, which were once divided by the impenetrable borderline.

National | Business | The Tribune/AP

Wildlife parks in three European countries on Tuesday announced they are joining forces to send critically endangered eastern black rhinos back to their natural habitat in Rwanda, where the entire rhino population was wiped out during the genocide in the 1990s.

Politics | Prague Daily Monitor

Embattled Prime Minister Andrej Babiš met with President Miloš Zeman at the Lany Chateau for dinner on Monday to discuss the ongoing controversy about the Stork's Nest matter and his son's involvement. Babiš told reporters after the dinner, that he had the support of Zeman in the matter, and that the President would offer him a chance to form a government again, should Babiš be defeated in a vote of no confidence on Friday.

Politics | Prague Daily Monitor

Vice Chair Martin Netolický of the Social Democrats told Czech Television on Monday night, that Prime Minister Andrej Babiš should voluntarily resign and let ANO appoint another leader in his place. This would be the preferred option for a number of ČSSD MPs, as the ČSSD grapples with its choices, before Friday's no confidence vote.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

Czech Television reports that an increasing number of parents in the Czech Republic are choosing not to vaccinate their children, and consequently the country faces a serious risk of previously eradicated diseases returning.

National | Business | The Guardian

A haul of fresh pelts and rotting remains marks the end of a five-year probe into an international crime ring. Authorities fear it points to a wider problem in Europe.

National | Brno Daily

The Christmas Markets will open in Brno on Friday. The Tourist Information Centre (TIC) has released this year's official Christmas merchandise, decorated by Brno's street graffiti artist Timo.

Prague | Prague TV

Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a subsidiary of the airport operating firm Prague Airport (Letiště Praha), officially launched another season of aircraft maintenance and repair. A second hangar for line maintenance is newly available at Václav Havel Airport Prague this year.

National | Business | Radio Prague

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš faces a test this week, with his government set to face a no-confidence vote on Friday. The vote follows a scandal involving Mr. Babiš's son, who says he was forcibly taken to Crimea. The PM attempted to smooth over the scandal by visiting his son in Switzerland at the weekend – but the whole affair may not die away any time soon.