Friday, 26 April 2019
Business | Radio Prague

The current dry weather in the Czech Republic is facilitating the reproduction of the bark beetle, which destroys spruce trees. Indeed, the voracious insect began swarming a week earlier this year than in 2018, which saw the most costly bark beetle infestation in this part of the world for a full two centuries.

Prague | Prague TV

Manifesto Market is opening a second site in Prague's Smíchov district. Manifesto's sibling will open this summer in the empty parking lot of a 19thcentury community center Národní dům na Smíchově, in advance of that building's renovation planned by Torino-Praga Invest.



Czech Republic and the EU | EurActiv

If a referendum on EU membership were held across the bloc today, a majority in favour of remaining would be impossible to reach in the UK, Czech Republic and Italy, according to the latest Eurobarometer released by the European Parliament on Thursday.

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In 1989, up to half a million people filled Wenceslas Square during the Velvet Revolution that deposed the communists. Thirty years later, on Thursday, French far-right figurehead Marine le Pen and the Netherlands' Geert Wilders urged Czechs to once more fight "dictatorship".

Prague | Prague TV

Prague will be helping to reduce the use of plastics. Any cultural or artistic events that get a city subsidy will no longer be able to sell food and beverages using disposable plastic cups, plates or cutlery.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

Prime Miniser Andrej Babiš nominated former Justice Minister and ANO politician Helena Válková as the new Human Rights Commissioner, according to Czech Television. The cabinet will discuss the proposal next week.

Business | Radio Prague

Kampot Pepper, a gourmet pepper sought after by chefs around the world, comes from Kampot province on the south coast of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Klara Dohnalova and David Pavel discovered it on their first trip to the country and soon set up a business aimed at bringing Czechs a whole new culinary experience.

Life | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic's cultural heritage is set to become more accessible than ever after the Ministry of Culture announced it will create a freely accessible central database of the country's heritage online.

Life | Prague TV

Interest seems to grow every year in Witches Night. In the Czech Republic as well as some nearby countries an effigy of a witch is burned on a bonfire on April 30.

Cinema | Prague TV

The long wait is finally over. Avengers: Endgame brings to a close the 22-film-long journey that began in 2008 with Iron Man.